The legend of Nohkalikai Falls

The legend of Nohkalikai Falls

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One of the wettest places on earth, Cherrapunji in Meghalaya, is home to Nohkalikai Waterfall.

The highest plunge waterfall in India is 1,115 feet in height.

The pool of water created by the falls has a faint green tint.

The waterfall is largely fed by rain and is surrounded by a lush green and foggy cloud cover.

Regrettably, a terrible legend is attached to this mystical waterfall that may enchant every visitor.

The direct translation of the Khasi term Nohkalikai is “Jump of Ka Likai.”

Here, the Khasi prefix “Ka” is used to denote the feminine gender.

The Nohkalikai Falls Tale

A young mother named Likai lived in the village of Rangjyrteh, which lies close to the waterfall.

 The legend of Nohkalikai Falls

Likai had to work as a porter since her late husband had to be one when she was a young widow.

She had a small baby daughter who required more of her care than she could provide.

Naturally, she would only spend time with the infant when she was home.

She married a guy after being persuaded to do so by other ladies in the community who argued that the child required a father.

When she was at home, the new husband, who later showed himself to be petty, was envious of all the love she lavished on the infant.

His trifle made him do something so terrible that this beautiful autumn was miserable.

One day he prepared a rich meal for his wife. After a long day of work, Likai returned home and was hungry.

She looked around for her child but could not find him. Assuming the child was at a neighbour’s house, she went in to eat the meal her husband had prepared.

I hope you can see where this tragic story is going.

The man was so jealous of the child that he cut the poor baby up and made a meal out of it, which he fed to Likai! Before Likai reached home, he threw away the baby’s head and bones!!

Unaware of this heinous act, Likai sat down to her routine of betel leaves and nuts after her meal.

Near the betel leaf basket, Likai saw a little finger that she knew belonged to her daughter.

She wrapped her head around what had happened.

Petrified and enraged by the events, she ran and ran to the edge of the fall and finally jumped to her death. It is called Nohkalikai Falls because of this legend.

Legacy and Reflection

As we stand in reverence before the majestic cascade of Nohkalikai Falls, we cannot help but ponder the timeless significance of its legend.

Beyond its natural splendor, Nohkalikai serves as a poignant reminder of the human condition – a tale of love, betrayal, and the inexorable march of fate.

In the hearts and minds of those who visit, Nohkalikai Falls transcends mere geography, becoming a symbol of resilience and the indomitable spirit of the human soul.

Likai’s tragic tale endures, etched into the fabric of Meghalaya’s cultural heritage, a testament to the enduring power of storytelling to illuminate the depths of our collective consciousness.


As we bid farewell to the mist-shrouded cliffs and cascading waters of Nohkalikai Falls, let us carry with us the echoes of its legend – a reminder of the interconnectedness of humanity and the profound beauty that lies in our shared stories.

In the ever-changing tapestry of time, Nohkalikai stands as a beacon of hope, inviting us to embrace life’s joys and sorrows with courage and grace.

How to reach Nohkalikai Falls

 By Flight

The nearest Guwahati International Airport is approximately 166 km north of Nohkalikai Falls.

It is connected to all major cities like Delhi, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad and a taxi or bus is available to reach the falls from the airport.

By Train

Guwahati Railway Station is the nearest railway station which is approximately 1 0 km away. You can get there by public bus or taxi.

By Road

Driving from Guwahati to Cherrapunji is a 4 -5 hour drive. From Cherrapunji, the journey to the falls takes just 10 minutes. Tourist taxis from the airport and rail or interstate buses will take you to Nohkalikai Falls.

 The legend of Nohkalikai Falls
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 The legend of Nohkalikai Falls
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 The legend of Nohkalikai Falls
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 The legend of Nohkalikai Falls
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 The legend of Nohkalikai Falls
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 The legend of Nohkalikai Falls
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